conforming to

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I seek rather, I may say, even an excuse for conforming to the laws of the land.
However, as I felt desirous to create a sensation, I determined to do all that lay in my power; and knowing that I could not delight the savages more than by conforming to their style of dress, I removed from my person the large robe of tappa which I was accustomed to wear over my shoulders whenever I sallied into the open air, and remained merely girt about with a short tunic descending from my waist to my knees.
Contract awarded for 1) 73252220-"m.s.snap head rivet of 12mm diameter having a length of 50mm conforming to is: 1929-1982 (1st revision) reaffirmed 2011 and material conforming to is: 1148-2009 (4 th revision)".;
I suspect any dog licence would be similar to a driver's licence whereby the authorities have the right to a stop check and ensure they are conforming to the law of the land and similarly if you don't have a driver's licence then you are fined and given points and a ban from driving - so goodbye dog if you don't conform.
They start conforming to others who are known to make better judgements in the matter, even if in this case they are making the wrong judgement.
The penultimate chapter brings up the ability of psychopaths to convincingly conform when it suits them, and the final chapter points out the many axes of polarization in society, and the necessity of either behaving inconsistently or conforming to one subgroup at the expense of others.
If the Cuno (6) decision is ultimately upheld, conforming to the DPAD provisions may be one of the few permissible tax incentives offered by a state, even though the new deduction may be "rewarding" investments made outside of that state.
* The Increased Cost of Construction which can be any increased expenses incurred to replace the building with one conforming to building laws or ordinances, or to repair the damaged building so that it meets the specifications of current building laws or ordinances.
In lieu of form 8332, the noncustodial parent may attach a written declaration conforming to the substance of form 8332.
Devices conforming to the SigmaRAM Sigma 1x1Lp late-write, pipeline-read specification are also available in both 72-bit-wide (M5M5Y5972TG) and 36-bit-wide (M5M5Y5936TG) configurations.
California is not conforming to the following federal provisions:
For the IRHD scale, the company manufactures a dead load (H14), a micro model (H12), as well as supplying durometer scale instruments conforming to A, D, M and O scales (H17).