conforming to

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I seek rather, I may say, even an excuse for conforming to the laws of the land.
However, as I felt desirous to create a sensation, I determined to do all that lay in my power; and knowing that I could not delight the savages more than by conforming to their style of dress, I removed from my person the large robe of tappa which I was accustomed to wear over my shoulders whenever I sallied into the open air, and remained merely girt about with a short tunic descending from my waist to my knees.
The objection to conforming to usages that have become dead to you is that it scatters your force.
not conforming to standards of thought, speech and action derived by
Conforming to a local and mutable standard of right.
The place became less strange, and the people less formidable; and if there were some amongst them whom she could not cease to fear, she began at least to know their ways, and to catch the best manner of conforming to them.
But European society is not given to divorce: Countess Olenska thought she would be conforming to American ideas in asking for her freedom.
If the Cuno (6) decision is ultimately upheld, conforming to the DPAD provisions may be one of the few permissible tax incentives offered by a state, even though the new deduction may be "rewarding" investments made outside of that state.
Rustici Software's SCORM Test Track application is the first product to be certified as officially conforming to the newest standards for e-learning.
Further, the IRS may challenge an arrangement that, while conforming to the rules, is undertaken with a principal purpose of achieving a tax result inconsistent with Sec.
Dundra contended his ex-wife's signature on the divorce decree attached to his return satisfied the requirement of a statement conforming to the substance of form 8332.
Supply of 20mm dia Cast Iron Single Acting Air Valves conforming to IS:14845/2000