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The manifold sources of this conformism are identified by Elena Omelchenko and Guzel Sabirova as first, the "Soviet legacy"; second, a "patriotic education"; and third, specific "Russian" interpretations of global patterns of youth culture (253).
She was a critic of "socialist realism" and narrow cultural conformism, and demanded excellence, not political correctness, in the multitude of literary, artistic, and musical projects recognized or sponsored by Casa de las Americas.
Greek Cypriot political space is a fossilised system, highly institutionalised ever since the Makarios U-turn in the early 1960s; conformism brings high rewards while dissent is punishable by banishment from the 'congregation'.
It identifies and unfolds three distinct stories professionals activate when accounting for client inauthenticity: (1) the story of institutional conformism, (2) the story of ulterior motives, and (3) the story of disorders.
* Respect for dogma--emotional dependency, conformism excessively authoritarian tendencies can lead to dogmatism which opposes any innovative process
"What we reject with vehemence, is any assault on these libertarian values that seek to constrain our liberal spaces, constrict freethinking, and circumscribe non- conformism that is the essence of the renewal and rejuvenation of the great human experiment," he added.
The MP thinks that unlike ANC, which is radical opposition, PAP is something between conformism and opposition.
Overall he writes objectively and sometimes with insight even if one does not agree with his conclusion that by 1559 there was `no drift from Catholicism to Protestantism (or vice versa) but rather a movement from the fervent or instinctive piety of the medieval period to bland conformism and even indifference'.
Bullying, in those years, was part of my daily routine, a kind of half-acknowledged social subtext that taught me, at too early an age, about cruelty and conformism and isolation.
His conformism is castigated by political analysts and Albanian parties that call him an "illegitimate president" and inferior in his "task." It has also been mentioned that the Constitution obliges Ivanov to be president of everyone and reflect the civil will.
He said the author offers his own vision of harmony based on a troika: taking humans as a foundation, social justice and equality, and amidst conformism, a respect for individual choice.
However, the problem rests in the conformism that everyone wants.