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California does not conform to these federal provisions for personal income tax purposes:
In responding to surveys and practitioner letters, the DOR has indicated that, because the state conforms to the IRC, it also conforms to the FCBRs.
10) Although the DOR Services has not publicly announced its position regarding the FCBRs, in response to a survey, it indicated that the state conforms to the Federal rules for both single- and multi-member LLCs.
If the action conforms to the national culture's norms, then it is right.
6% If the action conforms to my social group's norms (my family and friends), then it is right.
The decision to go with Avid DS Nitris gave us much peace of mind, because it enabled us to quickly conform changes to a constantly evolving offline cut, and at the same time move forward with a sophisticated finishing process.
California only conforms by statutory enactment, it does not conform automatically.
BALTIMORE -- Intelligent Video Surveillance Software to Create Buffer Zones around Commercial Port; Enables Port to Conform to New International Maritime Security Law
Until California tax law conforms, matters that are deemed confidential at the federal level are discoverable for state tax purposes.
Represented by the "X" mark, the Open Brand provides the purchaser with a binding supplier guarantee that each registered product not only conforms to open standards but will continue to conform.
Robert Hollingsworth, Standard Microsystems' Vice President of Marketing stated: "Now, in addition to our full line of advanced PC I/O integrated circuits for PC motherboards, SMSC can offer our customers an audio codec, providing high performance audio, that conforms to and surpasses the PC industry's AC'97 specification.
By signing the agreement, the supplier warrants and represents that each branded product conforms to the specification.