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So of course the ultimate theological criteria will not come down to strategy but love; radical democracy will be supported by theologies that are true enough to confound their own certainties, and caring enough to risk even the up-close differences that hurt the most.
They can ignore their self-appointed leaders' calls and confound loyalists waiting for a reason to retaliate.
It had to be young enough to still have a planet-forming disk but old enough to be past the time when radio emissions from the star's own early growth would confound signals from the disk.
But variables such as temperature and rainfall can confound the analysis, a problem not found with the pore-density method.
Fellini: I'm a Born Liar'' is a movie that will be treasured by those who love Fellini, just as surely as it will confound and bore anyone not particularly familiar with or fond of the great Italian director.
Building an Empire'' offers up nothing ``Star Wars'' fans don't already know, nothing to confound their expectations and, in fact, is significantly less critical of Lucas' work than even the geekiest aficionado would be.
Set in the artists' enclave of Boston's South End, Stephen Kijak's debut feature introduces viewers to an idiosyncratic grouping of relatives, friends, lovers, and exes who support, challenge, and confound one another.
They are abstract representations of the curvature of the universe, and like the universe, the sculptures confound the eye.
government deregulation in the carrier space, will continue to confound companies struggling to understand and manage their telecommunications network expenditures, according to a new AberdeenGroup research report, "The Solution Selection Report: Total Telecom Cost Management - Priming the Pump to Expand Value.
If so, they write, the result could be unanticipated accumulation of toxicants that would confound safety predictions of seemingly harmless chemicals.
We find seven major failings that confound the delivery of value, disrupt pricing, and confuse users.