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Brains Confounded borrows from a wide variety of Arabic literary traditions and includes one-liners, anecdotes, accounts of adventure, and verse--both "high" and "low.
Welsh Secretary Peter Hain, who led Labour's campaign in Wales, said: "Labour's result in Wales has exceeded expectations and confounded our critics and opponents.
To date (knock on wood), Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and his associates have confounded their critics, ending the long series of hikes in U.
In her meditation on vulnerability and the public choice between grief-work and violence, Judith Butler concludes: "For if I am confounded by you, then you are already by me, and I am nowhere without you.
Contaminated land has vexed researchers, who don't want to risk introducing chronic wasting disease into diseasefree regions but don't want tests confounded by dirty fields.
As such, a crucially important implication is that in studying connections between various aspects of implementation and the effectiveness of programs, we need to be alert to factors that may be confounded with differences in implementation.
But we admit that we're a little confounded with this usage.
Confounded by a shortage of qualified police recruits, city leaders unveiled a plan Tuesday to help new cops buy houses in Los Angeles and to pay the pension costs of officers poached from other cities.
Throughout his career, Artschwager has confounded categorical limits and plotted his own trajectory, all the while making the visual comprehension of space--and the everyday objects that occupy it--strangely unfamiliar.
Given the strengths of their study-notably, the use of two analytic approaches, including one designed to "circumvent unmeasured confounding and reduce its impact"-the researchers contend that "epidemiologic studies of condom effectiveness are probably confounded by unmeasured differences between users and nonusers.
Assessing environmental neurotoxicant exposures and child neurobehavior: confounded by confounding?
Kevin and I were confounded by and grateful for the hospitality and generosity shown to us, two strangers who wandered into town.