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The sentence was immediately executed, the dog cooked, dressed and eaten, for we were all confoundedly hungry.
When the Duchess seizes the Binney family assets, Thea enlists the help of a more resourceful ally: "[Cleo] looked at Thea and felt pity and impatience that Thea looked so confoundedly helpless.
near Ludgate, 1700), 7, presented "filthy and lustful Prostitutes" as serving the devil, and The Lady's Ramble: or, the Female Nightwalker (London, 1720), 4, had a whore's customer lament, that "we are still so Confoundedly Blind;/As not avoid your Delusions and Charme,/This brings still upon us such damnable pains:/Such Troubles and Plagues.
No matter how confoundedly ESL the prose, I slog through every page until I know what every button does, setting means, and flashing light indicates.
Almost 150 years ago, our founder said his goal was to delight beer drinkers with 'a confoundedly good glass of beer.
Gay's fellow writer, Congreve, pronounced after reading the script that "it would either take greatly, or be damned confoundedly.
She is also able to look at the incidents in school with a distinctive sense of humor which functions as a very intricate form of criticism, making the nuns and priests and their habits appear, besides appalling, also confoundedly ridiculous.
Kevin Newmark's "Off the Charts: Walter Benjamin's Depiction of Baudelaire" also reflects on Le Peintre de la vie moderne, to suggest that Baudelaire's writings point most clearly and confoundedly toward an unknown that is neither past nor present, neither here nor there, on the map of literary-historical representations.
He performs weekly at the open-mic night of a local comedy club, to sparse audiences who, at best, stare at him confoundedly and, at worst, lash out violently at his provocations.
After only 23 bouts, he stepped into the ring with one of the great fighters of the past 50 years, one with a confoundedly awkward left-handed style, and never lost his poise.
Environmental accounting, it turned out, was confoundedly difficult, requiring a battery of 120 questions, some of them stumpers: What share by weight of the manufactured goods you have purchased new in the last 10 years are constructed from steel, aluminum, and plastic?