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Throughout the volume, the only illustrations provided are in black and white, often in confoundingly small format.
In bed, writes Ernaux somewhat confoundingly, "nous avons presque tout fait de ce qui peut se faire.
Practice not being in a hurry, and discover how confoundingly out of place it is, yet how wonderfully regenerative.
The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) strives to contain and thus comprehend Jewishness, which it otherwise confoundingly reinforces and repudiates.
As Fiss' book illustrates, however, the lessons are hidden in a confoundingly complex debate about origins and influences.
But this is a curiously leaden birthday present to a confoundingly lively magazine.
93) After vigorously asserting that the historical scope of the constitutional doctrine was determinative, the Giles Court confoundingly used these modern evidence references as authority.
All of those descriptions can be fitted onto Anderson's bizarre, fascinating, confoundingly discordant period piece.