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Although I sympathize with his despair over what results when working-class individuals confoundingly, and to their own detriment, display a preference for the rich and privileged, I was surprised by Frank's pointed lack of discussion related to the Democratic Party's failure to address working-class concerns substantively.
Goodman often contrasts tones of two dominant colors; for example, shades of aqua paired with shades of red, or of acid green pitted against orange, to exacerbate the tension caused by images that fluctuate easily between forms that are immediately recognizable and forms that are confoundingly abstract.
Maybe this confoundingly elusive condition is illusive, my mind's hoax on a trickable (but not treatable) body.
The possibility that her life did not have to end this way is supported by textual evidence that this limited identity is to a large extent forced on Martha by others around her, and, even more confoundingly, that readers cannot be completely sure what Martha thinks of herself, since, yet again, narrated monolog is used to render this last self-view.
Throughout the volume, the only illustrations provided are in black and white, often in confoundingly small format.
In bed, writes Ernaux somewhat confoundingly, "nous avons presque tout fait de ce qui peut se faire."
Confoundingly, he also gets pestered by Mexican authorities, who seem to think anyone with California plates has heaps of money and merits a good search and shakedown.
Practice not being in a hurry, and discover how confoundingly out of place it is, yet how wonderfully regenerative.
scrapyard of a civilization." After which, confoundingly, he
The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) strives to contain and thus comprehend Jewishness, which it otherwise confoundingly reinforces and repudiates.
Yet when he confronts her in London, Sarah is confoundingly alive and in command of her own life.
As Fiss' book illustrates, however, the lessons are hidden in a confoundingly complex debate about origins and influences.