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Unfortunately, since most residents and youngsters have not organized their thoughts and commence the job search without a concrete strategy or plan there is often great confusion, frustration and confoundment Many bright prospects find themselves at the crossroads and in a dilemma about the future and feel pessimistic about pathology-the subject itself.
LP The reader is a tricky animal, and a confoundment.
It's remarkable that this--whatever confusion, or confoundment over 7000 cases, they actually keep a registry of cases of leprosy.
18) Comment on this inconsistency is not novel (19) but it reminds us that, from the start, Charter application jurisprudence has been plagued by judicial insistence on a false positivism with consequent contradiction and confoundment.
Primus uses the first of these chapters, on the Founding era (1764-1791), to suggest that any attempt to locate the rights discourse of the late eighteenth century within the analytical categories of modern academic theory could only be a source of confoundment.
The Maori put his warrior thinking against the white man and reeled in confoundment at what he confronted: too much diversity, too complex, too wide the chasm of conceptual differences.