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Perhaps radical democracy will be best supported by theologies confident enough to confound our own certainties; and faithful enough to risk even the up close differences that hurt the most.
Conijn also confounds the distinction between childhood and adulthood, homo ludens and homo faber, innocence and knowledge.
But the film sort of confounds people's expectations, and the play confounds your expectations of Shakespeare.
The discovery that a quasar group existed in such an early era confounds the standard assumption that the universe could not have grown so lumpy so soon after the smooth, uniform beginning of the Big Bang.
Remarks concerning the "shooting" of individuals or assertions of marginal involvement in the action confuse Nazi crimes with the making of commercial film in a way that confounds even the interviewer.
We sincerely hope that Denny confounds the experts and beats progeria.
Such a sensibility has something to do with camp, in the classic Sontagian sense of an attitude that confounds seriousness and frivolity, dignity and failure.
As in the classic Borges tale, "1:1" collapses the distinction between map and territory, but it also confounds the desire for representational verisimilitude.