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Levin, "'Lost Children,' a Working Mother, and the Progress of an Artist at the Florentine Misericordia in the Trecento," Publications of the Medieval Association of the Midwest 6 (1999): 34-84; Phillip Joseph Earenfight, "The Residence and Loggia della Miseri cordia (II Bigallo): Art and Architecture of Confraternal Piety, Charity, and Virtue in Late Medieval Florence" (Ph.
Concerning confraternal membership, the European Catholics often practiced what might be term "spiritual reckoning.
Os que ja fizessem parte do corpo confraternal poderiam permanecer, mas deixariam de exercer quaisquer das atividades sociais da confraria (25).
The confraternal philosophy which underlies the writer's contentions is also echoed in Shona proverbs like Mweni haapedzi dura 'A visitor does not finish a granary,' Chenga ose manhanga hapana risina mhodzi 'Do not discriminate pumpkins because all have seed' and Imbwa yomupfuuri haipedzi sadza 'A dog in transit does not finish sadza.
Nick Terpstta masterfully weaves together his knowledge of Bologna and of confraternal practices with surviving manuals and handbooks to raise provocative questions about how and why, even in the face of clerical objections, lay confratelli provided comfort and counseling to prisoners prior to execution.
Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert's contribution spells out the often divergent strategies and behaviors, ranging from endogamy to rites of mutual recognition, to gossip, to philanthropy, to patterned urban settlement, to confraternal work, to cohabitation, to collaboration with outsiders, that shaped the life of conversos and others "of The Nation" (os da nacao/los de la nacion) as self-conscious members of a religiously diverse, trust-based ethnomercantile collective.
On the other hand, the material is well-organized and easy to follow, and D'Andrea's painstaking research yields numerous nuggets beyond names to illuminate daily life and confraternal practice.
Men socialised and prayed together during the rituals associated with guild and confraternal membership and this fraternal amity contributed to a more generalised idea of civic friendship that looked to Aristotle rather than Cicero for its theoretical basis.
movimientos sociales, el mutualismo, la solidaridad confraternal, los lazos creados por situaciones comunes de necesidad, por los sentimientos de oposicion a las causas concretas de su marginacion, los vinculos generados en los cotarros y lugares comunes de mendicidad, los signos de identidad y comunidad social .
Lazar notes the different categories of confraternal activity, as distinct from the betterknown Marian congregations, stressing the lay involvement and the devotional practices inculcated for the participants.
Cohn begins with an exhaustive examination of narrative sources--over 400 chronicles, 250 plague tracts, 50 saints' lives, and merchant letters from across Europe--before turning to archival evidence, including over 40,000 death documents such as wills, confraternal obituaries, and burial records.
64) The confraternal face of the London Skinners was the guild of Corpus Christi.