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Homily of Pope Francis On the occasion of the Day of Confraternities and Popular Piety on 5 May 2013
2006 Black Blood Brothers: Confraternities and Social Mobility for Afro-Mexicans.
Although relying, like all confraternities, on male clerics for spiritual direction, the founders and overseers of the Pieta were laywomen, drawn from assorted ranks of a stratified urban society and most of them contributing fairly small sums.
Sodalities and confraternities are pious associations that had their beginnings in the early Middle Ages.
Their volume is strong in specifics and wide in turf covered, and will gain the attention of scholars needing to deepen their grasp of these lay confraternities.
His study of charity benefits especially from his previous work on the guilds, Lay Confraternities and Civic Religion in Renaissance Bologna (Cambridge, 1995).
Soon after the Jesuits built their first church in the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco, they promoted in the neighboring villages lay confraternities of Indians dedicated to the name of Jesus.
Vincent established confraternities of charity for the spiritual and physical relief of the poor and sick of each parish.
Through such sacred and humane rituals, specialised confraternities in various Italian renaissance city-states, notably Bologna, Florence, and Rome, conferred a dignity on condenmed men (afflitti or pagienti) in their last hours.
Confraternities, once the preserve of contemplative devotion, became the platforms of civic action.
This latter group has been all but ignored in Spanish musical historiography, partly because, unlike their Italian counterparts, Spanish confraternities employed musicians on a tee for service rather than on a permanent basis.
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