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It was characterized by youth cohort sodalities, and especially by the youth confraternity.
None of these hamlets had a parochial chapel, thus underscoring the importance of founding a confraternity to support a priest.
Back in 1354, in fact, a major Florentine confraternity got government approval to create a lay conservatory to intern al girls without relatives until they found a husband](2) Unmarried young girls should have been a fundamental category of this work.
She was a member of Our Lady of the Lake Church in Leominster where she taught Confraternity of Christian Doctrine for eight years.
The conference was sponsored by the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy and the U.
Columba Parish where she taught Confraternity of Christian Doctrine for many years and served on its bereavement committee.
One such procession was met by a lay confraternity bearing a statue of the Christ Child in imperial dress and wearing the Inca crown.
the person who presided over the competition and determined the topic in a given year) was generally an aristocratic member of the confraternity, there was occasion for less socially elite members to ascend to this role.
She was a Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Teacher and Campfire Leader at Saint Stephen's Church in Worcester.
WASHINGTON -- The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, a conservative priests' group that claims 600 members in the United States and Canada, told the nation's top bishop that ending mandatory celibacy will "do nothing" to boost the numbers of U.
Dinan argues that by incorporating as a charitable confraternity, the French Daughters of Charity were able to negotiate and subve rt the letter of Trent's mandate for the claustration of women religious while fulfilling the spirit of traditional femininity by caring for the sick.
She was a member of the Arch Confraternity of Prayer and Penance of Worcester since 1956.