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If the resistance does not confront the Israeli enemy, how will the situation be in Lebanon?
Such acts," he noted, "highlight the importance of all countries and nations standing together to join their efforts to confront such actions and to eradicate them.
But after Lisa sneakily finds out all the details by reading Jai's diary, a non-apologetic Charity tells her she wants to confront Rachel alone.
I think you're worried that if you confront him, he'll dump you.
Although the Epsom runnerup is not required by Aidan O'Brien to assist his Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby hero Cape Blanco, Stoute has included Group 3-winning miler Confront to play the lead role.
Why think of it as having to impress or confront a guy?
When we care for people, we are willing to confront them," Nelson said.
Steven Dunne travelled to Liverpool city centre from his home in Llangollen armed with a 2ft pickaxe handle to confront Phillip Allerton, a man he believed was sleeping with his wife.
These many and diverse initiatives suggest that the time is ripe in America to confront our history of racial violence.
At home, she is forced to confront the past she has run away from, and Ohlin writes with a close ear and sensitivity to her characters' volatile dispositions and infatuations.
Though written especially for the baby boomer generation, which is beginning to confront hearing loss as the result of advancing age, Baby Boomers and Hearing Loss is enthusiastically recommended for anyone confronting an encroaching hearing problem.