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Morgan Freeman offers an equally convincing portrayal as his counselor, dispensing confrontative "tough love" as needed.
Over the next few years Kane's often confrontative and combative rescue strategies (both verbally and physically abusive) were occasionally and unfortunately coupled with financial transactions that raised the suspicions of the judges who granted guardianships.
Adaptive coping (problem-solving, seeking support, positive reappraisal) and maladaptive coping (escape-avoidance, self-blame, confrontative coping) regarding SARS were measured with the relevant subscales of the Ways of Coping Questionnaire (27), for which the stressful event was defined as the SARS outbreak.
In this second case, an oppositional or confrontative client may engage in behaviors that engender or maintain conflict to obtain basic social reinforcers such as attention.
70) This agitation reached its peak in the early 1940s, no doubt prompted by the confrontative militance of that quintessential New York politician, Adam Clayton Powell and the political agitation of other immigrant politicos and radicals adjoining his district.
Moreover, to the extent that care ethicists tend to confuse their own perceptions of the situation with those in their circle of care, the confrontative processes of restorative justice may allow women to be challenged about their perceptions of the situation.
The former was non-confrontative, revealing not even the names of the witnesses against the accused; the latter was essentially confrontative, naming the witnesses, producing their depositions in court, and .
In our dialoguing with young adults, we have the same opportunity that Jesus had to give the gifts of time and space and confrontative listening, as we desire to understand their questions and concerns.