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Fly-tipping suspects being confronted by villagers, on Binn Lane, Marsden
This information is to be collected from them and the claims of Affectees are to be confronted with them.
Houston Police Captain Dwayne Ready said that it was not yet clear if the unidentified man fatally shot himself or was killed by a Homeland Security agent who had confronted him.
It comes after Britain's most senior judge reinforced the notion that a person's home is their castle, saying furious householders have the right to get rid of burglars in their homes and are not expected to remain calm when confronted by intruders.
But if opposition groups have ideas that are against the nation's security and the principles of the regime, they will be confronted," Khamenei noted.
One of the greatest advantages of crucial conversations is the ability to confront what needs to be confronted and to be able to do it in ways that nourish the relationship and yet deal with the issue that needs to be dealt with.
Wrongly thinking he was answering his phone, Dunne shouted out "Phillip" and when Mr Hall turned round he was confronted by Dunne brandishing the wooden axe handle.
As the summer goes on, Lynn is confronted by much more than she expected from dull, neon-lit Albuquerque: her strange yet strong attraction to the red-haired, smiling Angus (they drink gin and sleep together in cheap motels); her affinity for Wylie's gang of eco-militants; her mother's new boyfriend; and finally the discovery of two mysterious paintings tucked away under her mother's bed that sparks Lynn's waning interest in her dissertation.
Like the burning bush of Moses and the angel of Gideon, Isaiah is confronted by God through an epiphany of wondrous dimension.
and Deacon Silas ben Gaddiel and his family seek to survive the conflicts among early Christians, share the joy inherent in experiencing the faith and such simple pleasures as sharing a meal, and the perils confronted daily by the faithful for living under the Roman rule of Nero.
The purpose of the PBL approach is to allow students to reach these insights themselves, after presentation of the leader and the situation which confronted them.
We must also remember that adolescents today--staff and campers--are confronted with a very different world compared to even twenty years ago.