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Other research has found that confronting people with biased views in a direct, educational way can help them learn not to behave in a prejudiced way.
When confronting a colleague who's not pulling his or her own weight, don't open your mouth until you've opened your mind.
It is hoped that these articles will provide readers, ranging from academics, clinicians, and students, with a number of alternative perspectives from which to reflect, analyze, and understand the varied issues confronting men and their bodies.
Instead of confronting Sophie with the truth, Annabel chooses to hold the truth secret, not confiding in anyone.
The problems confronting two very different leaders, Mordechai Rumkowski and Josephine Baker, are suggested and discussed in terms of some key concepts from leadership studies.
A good exercise is to have staff break into groups and generate the questions they are most concerned about confronting and then role-playing the responses.
By confronting your fears head on, you will be able to push beyond defeatist behavior to achieve your objectives.
Today, as France finds itself confronting a generation of newly-established migrants and their children, French historians pay increasing attention to the migrant experience during the last great wave of migration, the migrant wave of the interwar years.
Confronting directly can cause reconciliation and growth.
I normally don't condone confronting someone breaking into your house, but he had busted through one door and was coming through another.
LEICESTERkeeper Ian Walker will not face disciplinary action by theFootball Association for confronting a fan during Saturday's Premiership defeat against Aston Villa.
03) that "positive change comes from confronting problems not pretending they don't exist", but the Chimera Project on BBC2 did not do that.