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Archbishop Nichols particularly criticized the "investigative journalism" program of Kenyon Confronts for the morally questionable methods used by its reporters to dredge up again previous cases of child abuse, some over 50 years old.
Justice Kennedy could join with the four liberals to void Texas's explicitly antigay law without having to confront Bowers or strike down nondiscriminatory sodomy prohibitions.
She confronts the outside world, seeking to master nature -- and she confronts others through the covenant faith-community uniquely afforded her through the covenant God made with the Jews at Sinai.
While Land is far from the first to confront both these issues and this material, his is a comprehensive and wide-ranging survey.
Another describes a child who fears a bully and gains the power to confront him.
It confronts them seductively with the mystery of the masculine-feminine continuum.
Thus, when a teacher confronts Whiteness in her classroom she must be aware that she is doing much more than offering a "multicultural" approach to subject matter.
I realize now why Miltenberg takes the shorter route and confronts the gardeners himself.