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When two or more diseases have some overlapping symptoms which make it naturally difficult for a physician to establish the right diagnosis, it is referred to as confusable diseases in medical parlance.
These confusion matrixes reveal that consonants fall into confusable clusters of varying sizes as in the control population.
This adds confusable Syriac letters to the mix, especially when not written with appropriate dots.
In practice, this involved identifying the two items in each array which were the most confusable to the target, from Frowd et al.
One strategy that increases signal differentiation is to provide redundancy in the input to help people distinguish among confusable signals and reduce perceptive errors.
To support the participants' impression that the speech recognition system was real, the preset recognition errors that the system made consisted of acoustically confusable letters (e.
Lahu words in the text are cited in the Baptist orthography, a wise choice since it is the most widely used, although unfortunately burdened with cumbersome and easily confusable tone-marks.
The authors provide LSA thresh-olds for three navigation problems: confusable heading or link text, unfamiliar heading or link text, and goal-specific competing heading or link text.
Another spellcheck and grammar check programme highlights confusable words, asking her whether she really means to spell a particular 'confusable' in a particular way.
The New York Public Library Writer's Guide to Style and Usage offers this guide: "Remembering that the foreword means 'words that come in the front of the book, before the book itself begins' will help writers with this spelling confusable.
For handling heterogeneous accents, it can be infeasible to tailor an application to minimize highly confusable error patterns [6].
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