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Then he sat up, pushing the body from him, and gazed at it, and then around him, confusedly. His eyes met Joe's.
"My engagements at present," replied Willoughby, confusedly, "are of such a nature--that--I dare not flatter myself"--
He returned no reply, but it was evident that he heard what was said, and that he thought about it, however confusedly. This encouraged Mr.
The combatants were so intent upon their murderous work that they did not notice the arrival of the balloon; there were about three hundred mingled confusedly in the deadly struggle: most of them, red with the blood of the wounded, in which they fairly wallowed, were horrible to behold.
After confusedly thanking him for his call to order, she would become flustered, and by the time she'd recovered momentum, almost everyone would had switched off.
I'm not sure what Andy wants me to see so I shake my head confusedly and say, 'I don't follow.' 'There's nothing after 2012,' he points out.
My own story is less impressive--Nietzsche first came into my awareness after strolling confusedly through a university library, and again later during a major family emergency as I struggled to find something better than prayer to grab onto.
Do you understand?" And Jason, confusedly, says, "Nu-uh." Jason was never physically violent towards his shadow (until he has him walk backwards into the fire to protect his family) -- he was a little afraid/wary, but held his hand as they walked into the closet.
Do what you would if he had ended things with you definitively instead of confusedly.
The rest still stubbornly loyal to the man including a string of parroting Spokesmen either plunged into hiding speechless or having their voices drowned in an anti-Khartoum fiasco's confusedly rumbling pandemonium.
definitely a turtle, the waves washed it on the sand for a moment and it walked confusedly, a fishermen said 'is that a turtle?
For example, a gentleman on a comment thread I made the mistake of reading asked confusedly, "Does this mean I'll lose my job if I hug a co-worker when she does great work?" "Will I be accused of harassment if I tell the receptionist she looks pretty in her new blouse," inquired another perplexed chap.