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There is a duality about my impressions that is too confusing to inflict upon my readers.
He discounted the silly views of the tricky priests, and he was very much alone in the chaos of the confusing problem.
She knows what has become of Ferrari; and she is confusing you in a cloud of nonsense, because she daren't own the truth.
I only presume to think that you are confusing a delicate-minded man with a weak-minded man.
Suidas is confusing the two Artemisias, but he may be right in attributing the poem to about 480 B.
These, however, were so mixed and confusing that I could make nothing of them.
Made giddy by the turbulent irruption of this multitude of staring faces into her cell of years, by the confusing sensation of being in the air, and the yet more confusing sensation of being afoot, by the unexpected changes in half-remembered objects, and the want of likeness between the controllable pictures her imagination had often drawn of the life from which she was secluded and the overwhelming rush of the reality, she held her way as if she were environed by distracting thoughts, rather than by external humanity and observation.
There's so much that's confusing these days isn't there?
Among Scots, 47 per cent of non-Gaelic speakers found the bilingual signs were more confusing.
MY WEEK Punting high Hoof It's York win was cancelled out by Cadel Evans' brilliant time-trial to snatch the Tour de France from under Andy Schleck's nose It's stall so confusing I can't be the only one who keeps getting confused by the new stalls numbering.
FILM fans have voted Vanilla Sky the most confusing movie of all time.
Summary: StudentEoe1/4aos Question: As a new trader trying to identify a candlestick pattern I think is confusing because the page in lesson #2 shows them with or with.