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Making up the top five in the list of confusing films were The Matrix Revolutions and Memento.
Because their auditory processing problems make the oral explanations and examples confusing, students often act as if their math assignments are much too difficult.
The trick in all this is to use a hypen to avoid confusing the reader's eye.
It took a lot of effort and time to make long-term-care insurance as complicated and confusing as it is today.
Second, confusing voices reveal the complexities of controlling women's voices.
Often the efforts are managed from two different functions in the organization, which sends confusing messages.
Laws such SB 1386 in California can easily affect unsuspecting small businesses that aren't well informed about the confusing legal landscape.
If someone found it confusing, I'm not sure I'd want them to vote anyway
8 million* who switched (in part) due to confusing information represent a $3 billion loss to wireless companies:
We will do our best to take out anything that's confusing and may be misleading, and hopefully they will agree with any alterations we decide to make.