confusing situation

See: imbroglio
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It's a rather confusing situation and we've had mixed messages from 2 Sisters," he added.
This confusing situation is probably best illustrated by this little tale.
As frustration start to creep in international efforts to search for the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, hoax news makers continue to attempt to make money out of the confusing situation.
Amidst this confusing situation, the Taliban peace talks committee which went to North Waziristan and held parleys with the TTP Shura on its return on Friday has struck very hopeful notes in a general sort of way.
ISLAMABAD -- A large numbers of schools remained closed in twin cities due to the confusing situation in the back drop of curfew and the prevailing law and order situation.
Guidance on abortion law here has created a confusing situation and parents who feel this is their only option have been left wondering if they could face prosecution just like medical professionals.
They now need to publish all the paperwork so that we know who made this decision" Speaking during a visit to the Commonwealth Games site in Glasgow, Prime Minister David Cameron said: "It is a slightly confusing situation.
Ms Spelman said: "The CAA shed light on a confusing situation, making it clear they will look at any option - including no change to the flight path - as long as it is safe.
Complex issues of representation and the confusing situation of citizenship, given the multiple residential circumstances in which Palestinians are forced to live, are explored with unsurpassed clarity.
As a result, Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, now is in a confusing situation.
Napolitano had previously told an interviewer he had "done everything I could" and said he intended to retire as his seven-year mandate comes to an end but he is seen as an important guarantee of stability in an increasingly confusing situation.
Samer's family cannot and will not put any kind of pressure on Samer and help the Israelis getting relieved from their embarrassing and confusing situation," she said.