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Majlis Deputy Esmail Kowsari issued a very confusing statement asserting that Sherman's testimony proved that Americans "make their decisions on the basis of the Zionist regime's pressure.
The social network giant compounds the problem by issuing a confusing statement saying it prohibits 'directly harmful' content but allows 'offensive or controversial' material.
The confusing statement came after Brown confessed that the couple are like "kids.
A somewhat confusing statement, as in does this refer to settlement of the 30 per cent of advance payments which may have carried
In messages ahead of today's informal meeting, demonstrators in the streets of Sana'a called on the Security Council to act, and Salah issued a confusing statement last Saturday saying he would step down "within days.
158 there is a statement that "in the entire Mughal history there was only one notable female artist, Sahifa Banu"; and the confusing statement, "when Akbar first decided to found a large city.
The Labour AM is the first man to become a repeat winner of an award for the most confusing statement.
But in a confusing statement, he said: "From now until the funeral is over we are having a period of official mourning.
More than $30 billion was lost by ten companies in the biotech sector, after the president and Britain's prime minister made a confusing statement that could only mean neither of them understood the genius of Celera's Venter and his team.
Why does my alarm company make me sign a long and confusing statement that effectively absolves it of responsibility?
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Despite an earlier confusing statement made by the Turkish military that it has no information on record showing the withdrawal of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) members from Turkish soil as part of a government-initiated peace process to end terrorism, the accounts of Turkish journalists indicate the rebels are in fact continuing to withdraw.
In fact, the only other documentary support for a woman having an intimate relationship with Jesus is a confusing statement from the Gnostic Gospel of Philip (written long after Philip's death), which says the following: "The companion of the Savior is Mary Magdalene.