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Verizon argued, in a 2008 case, that the defendants registered 1,392 domain names that were confusingly similar to Verizon's trademarks.
Back in Kentish town, a sign encourages me to discover "peace through past lives regression, with a re-knowned Indian hypnotherapist, whilst another, even more confusingly urges me to come to a meeting to speak to an alien.
The absence of a confusingly similar federally registered mark does not necessarily indicate that the proposed mark can be used without restriction.
While registration on the Supplemental Register does not provide the same scope of protection as a Principal Register registration, it does have certain advantages, such as a) the right to use the federal registration symbol ([R]), which often serves as a kind of scarecrow to help ward off use of confusingly similar marks by other organizations; and b) a requirement that trademark-examining attorneys use Supplemental Register registrations to bar the registration of confusingly similar marks in subsequently filed applications.
A spokesman, confusingly, suggested it could get colder or it could get warmer over the next ten days.
The view that a more positive construct of eunuchs evolved by the tenth century (or eighth, or ninth: confusingly the date given varies) is also debatable.
Some lakes have been omitted from the relief map, the most important of which is Barrier Lake (although, confusingly, its name still appears).
The book contains endless tips on how to avoid confusingly similar words and misplacing modifiers.
Confusingly, the new 118i is powered by a two-litre petrol engine featuring the same technical specification as the 120i which was part of the launch line-up.
Rather confusingly, Dooley would have Urban VIII mad at Galileo both for being an astrologer and for his disdain of astrology in the 1632 Dialogue on the Two World Systems.
Confusingly, the variety Silver Queen is male, while Golden King is female