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In such a case the infringing party has not sought to register the confusingly similar or identical trademark, but rather has affixed the disputed trademark directly to the goods and is exploiting the infringing trademark for commercial gain.
According to documents filed May 27 by Samsung in a federal court in San Jose, California, the South Korean company said Apple must show its iPhone and iPad models under development so that Samsung can examine them and see whether the smartphones and tablets sold by the two companies are confusingly similar.
If the complainant proves that a cybersquatter used bad faith in registering a domain name that is identical or confusingly similar to the complainant's trademark, the domain name will be canceled or transferred to the complainant.
The map on the wide screen confusingly turning blue not red; then someone says to me, hard to remember who, "Of course, the real issue is not that he is 'black' but that he's a Christian.
If a confusingly similar term within the same class or a related class is found, create another mark.
The High Court in Dublin granted an injunction to an Irish company, Jacobs, preventing their sale by McVitie's and its parent United Biscuits on the grounds that they were "packaged in a manner confusingly similar to a Jacobs product".
Oneida contends that Utica Cutlery, through its unincorporated Walco division, is marketing and selling flatware patterns virtually identical and confusingly similar to Oneida's Julliard, Marquette and Forever patterns.
He falls in love with a deaf girl (Tammy Blanchard, lovely), gets vamped and forced into marriage by a confusingly written senator's daughter (Angelina Jolie, who's obviously an incompatible match for Damon: she overacts every scene he just kind of stands there in), is manipulated into betraying an admired professor, and is otherwise groomed for service in the OSS as America draws closer toward World War II.
Yet there are some intriguing design touches such as the tiny icons which you only gradually discover such as the scarcely-noticeable up arrow which takes you to the home page and the magnifying glass which confusingly turns out to stand for the search engine not zooming in.
Name issues: One potential problem when registering as a foreign LLC arises when the LLC's name is confusingly similar to an LLC already formed or registered to do business in the state.
Confusingly Saturday's opening ceremony comes after Friday sessions at the Conservative Club, Civic Hall and the Waggon Inn.
While registration on the Supplemental Register does not provide the same scope of protection as a Principal Register registration, it does have certain advantages, such as a) the right to use the federal registration symbol ([R]), which often serves as a kind of scarecrow to help ward off use of confusingly similar marks by other organizations; and b) a requirement that trademark-examining attorneys use Supplemental Register registrations to bar the registration of confusingly similar marks in subsequently filed applications.