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Rhetorical power lies instead in the hands of those who deploy more comprehensive language resources, and who are thereby able to outflank and confute their opponents" (73-74).
Until the late Middle Ages, Averroes was known simply as 'the commentator' by Christian scholastics, so great was his authority on Aristotle: in the mid-thirteenth century Thomas Aquinas sought to confute him, but by using his rival's methods and arguments.
EPITAPH ON A CLERGYMAN Here lies, who need not here be nam'd, For Theologic Knowledge fam'd; Who all the Bible had by rote, With all the Comments Calvin wrote; Parsons and Jesuits could confute, Talk Infidels and Quakers mute, To every Heretick a foe; Was he an honest man
They were intended to make sure that the pupil understood his own opinion, and (by necessary correlation) the opinion opposed to it, and could enforce the grounds of the one and confute those of the other.
confute this putative salubrity of the air") most of the early novels describe "a gentleman" in dramatic if ordinary circumstances of love and indifference, of doubt and mistrust, of experiencing the relief that comes with romantic rejection.
Donna me prega" in particular would be the attempt to confute Dante on philosophical ground, "scegliendo una linea argomentativa diametralmente opposta al teologismo di Dante, e che, puntando sulla dicotomia intelletto-sensibilita, coincide con l'averroismo estremo" (46).
As a collector of modern painting in the forties, Hitchcock would have been aware of how closely the cubist style--wherein, as Ernst Gombrich noted, "even coherent forms are made to play hide-and-seek in the elusive tangle of unresolved ambiguities" (285)--corresponded with his own desire as a filmmaker to shade representation into abstraction and, by artful contrariety, to confute a monocular interest in content.
In trying to confute Summers' distinction between intentional and effective antisemitism, Butler calls it wildly improbable that somebody examining the disinvestment petitions signed by herself and her co-conspirators might take them (as hundreds on her own campus already had done, and as gleeful readers of the London Review of Books were about to do) as condoning antisemitism.
Even then, they are unconvinced: the German traveller Johann Kohl wrote: 'Travellers in Ireland cannot speak too often of the extreme misery of the Irish poor, if it be only to confute those among the English who will not believe in the existence of this misery, and who even ridicule those who speak of it on the evidence of their own eyes.
If a man will comprehend the richness and variety of the universe, and inspire his mind with a due measure of wonder and awe, he must contemplate the human intellect not only on its heights of genius but in its abysses of ineptitude; and it might fruitlessly be debated to the end of time whether Richard Bentley or Elias Stoeber was the more marvelous work of the creator: Elias Stoeber, whose reprint of Bentley's text, with a commentary intended to confute it, saw the light in 1767 at Strasburg, a city' still famous for its geese.
God the Father and the Son, clearly omnipotent beings who presumably could employ powerful and persuasive rhetoric to assist Adam and Eve and confute Satan, refrain from doing so in Paradise Lost--they fail to offer any rhetorical "counter-argument" to Satan's rhetorical wiles.