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Q My good friend has been confuting in me and she needs your help.
However, the empirical results break in the middle, with the "very odd" seventeenth century confuting standard life tables until 1750.
Like other eighteenth-century fictions, therefore, their novels dwell on fashionable details and draw attention to their own textuality as aspects of an empirical reality confuting old-fashioned metaphysical and Petrarchan ideals of love and experience.
Class tensions around issues of sexuality were expressed and were sometimes successfully negotiated in both blues and club discourses by confuting middle- and working-class "morality," respectability, and desire.
Contemporary critics found it difficult to deal with these contradictions and tended to take Marinetti at his word, confuting his premises, and ignoring the fact that the target of their attack had already moved on to a different position.
However, Muller's re-presentation is contradictory, ultimately confirming rather than confuting stereotypes, and one must read him alert to aporia and slippage.