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When cooled, the product congeals and therefore, the form and texture of anything made with gelatin can be imaginatively altered.
Rognet creates hesitantly new forms to match his tonalities, esthetic constancies that never quite congeal.
From its vantage point on the Arc de Triomphe this timeless call to arms has been used by countless regimes to congeal past history to various political molds.
And although we resist yielding to her, we are trapped by such amazing sentences as this: "The crimson roses congeal into deep, fragrant clots.
The majority of blockages are caused by cooking fats and oils, which congeal in the sewers forming a thick layer around the pipe, a spokesman said.
The magnets are suitable for iron separation from products which congeal and are transported under pressure.
Walks morph into leaps, the fluid patterns congeal into squares, the sextet draws itself into a crucifix formation.
Brand manager Mat Bird said: "We know people turn their ketchup bottles upside down when they are nearly empty, and ketchup can congeal in the cap.
Even as these struggles congeal into history, their magnitude and seriousness hardly diminish.
Heat them and they congeal into a thick-skinned blob that looks and feels like plastic when it cools down.
Lasted well, and passed the drinking test, plus the matte colour is ideally suited to everyday use, though it did start to congeal slightly as time wore on.