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With the absence of polymer components, an insulating body, the CNT fibers have a high electrical conductivity nearly 20 times greater than that of the conventional wet-spinning method using polymers as congealed liquid.
a sorry congealed More often than not I've eaten the resulting dish with enthusiasm and vigour - and no little haste.
Some of the impactor, along with the Earth's mantle, formed a ring around the Earth that eventually congealed into the moon.
the radar easily distinguished layers of congealed lava from those of loose volcanic ash several meters underground.
Rather than proselytize, the piece presents the opportunity for an undirected experience of two journeys but warns of a potential future of congealed boundaries for us all, "where rigid border definitions prevail over the permeable internal flow," as an accompanying text explains.
Fare at some establishments in Bulgaria included fish fingers and congealed eggs, while a promenade near a group of hotels was frequented in the evening by prostitutes, the association's Holiday Which?
Although his hauteur is right on the money, his frozen expression and congealed snarl sometimes alarmingly suggest the most recent face of Sylvester Stallone.
Reagan congealed the Republican Party's rightward flank at a time when its Washington establishment tended toward the center.
Both released the same involuntary sigh of recognition and both had to lift the bashed tin lid and go rooting through, handling and sniffing congealed tins of Kiwi polish, waxy rags and stiffened, mangy brushes.
In transcribing this model to mid Victorian London, Nead discovers something of the same dialectic at work but challenges the formulaic orthodoxy into which it has congealed.
Particularly on weekday mornings, with meatpackers slinging sides of beef on meat hooks as the smell of congealed offal fills the air.