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it is not anything congealed - not a congealed mass of water, such as the clergy preach about.
Melting these no-fatties on bread didn't do anything to improve their flavor, though it did make them look like blobs of congealed plastic.
Everyone steps back smiling, their hands busy behind their backs tearing up the photo of the woman with blackened eyes and blood congealed on her skull.
Curds, clumps, fleshy congealed waves--they feed on rot.
Frying equipment was dirty, there was congealed flour and dirty food debris on the equipment used for putting breadcrumbs onto chicken.
Jill said she led inspectors to some of the worst spots, where there was congealed blood on walls and "piles" of skin and hair.
Rain beat down, and the mud congealed, and The new carpet give up the ghost
coli outbreak in September 2005, environmental health inspectors found congealed blood, food debris, dead insects and cobwebs in a vital meat packing machine.
Workingwithout amask, one of his jobs included scraping congealed asbestos off pipes while another saw him handling heat-resistant asbestos blankets.
The pasty is made by boiling the Pot Noodles, cooling them and then wrapping the congealed mass in pastry and baking.
When matter was new in the universe, it was an exotic gas whose components later congealed into the more-ordinary matter made of atoms.
My egg and bacon sandwich turned out to be a chunk of congealed egg, streaky bacon and cheese wedged into a scone.