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The jazzy, jaunty background music, the general dislike of humanity in general, the snowballing social faux pas congealing steadily like a car crash waiting to happen - these are all signature ingredients that Curb fans will recognise immediately.
Sometimes, the magma races along in torrents, but at other times the flow is so slow that scientists can safely walk up to the searing trickle and pry away fresh samples of congealing rock.
On a ceramic heating plate, the pan is tipped forward to show the eggs in various stages of congealing.
And then the surface is attacked with broad stains of red, excrescences of muddy brown and asphalt black, congealing there like the puke and rot of the body.
Only, all too soon, the monumental landscape has a way of congealing and turning into a cliche, a painted backdrop.
From an article in The Wall Street Journal on oligopolies: "Telecommunications, music, soft drinks, and countless other industries are congealing into their own lineups of just a few dominant giants.
For example, her assertion that "I have tried to develop a history from below free from preoccupations with the making of a working class and the congealing of class consciousness, social mobility in the raw, or old-fashioned demonstrations of the 'contributions' of immigrants" is sure to displease some social and cultural historians who take their lead from E.
Blood platelets are the congealing component in blood, and are an essential part of the treatment for cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy.
The very low water absorption avoids the problem of loose candies becoming sticky, congealing together, and being unattractive to the consumer, C*Isomaltidex is the new addition to Cerestar's range of polyols.