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In order to overcome the biopharmaceutical challenges associated with this phytotherapeutic drug, two preparation technologies were investigated both alone and in combination: mechanochernical activation and production of microparticles by spray congealing.
FibroSeal technology refers to the state-of-the-art system of environmentally friendly fibers, binders, polymers and proprietary congealing agents, providing an even more effective tire sealant.
The exacerbated tactility of the paintings' surfaces, the paint's peculiar ways of congealing, of sitting up on a surface or collapsing back into it, are almost embarrassingly corporeal.
Human BioSystems (OTCBB:HBSC) a biomedical company conducting research to extend the shelf life of blood platelets, the congealing factor in blood, announced in a November 2002 press release that it has contracted with a noted U.
Chardin left these well-rehearsed devices behind; the fine detail in any passage of his painting is suggested by his coaxing unusual behavior from the very matter of his binder and pigments, their patterns of settling, congealing, or catching on a rough ground.
Human BioSystems is primarily focused on commercializing its proprietary extended preservation solutions and processes for platelets, the congealing component of blood.
The photos are generally displayed sandwiched in acrylic glass plates, perhaps reflecting less a merely technical decision than one that achieves something like the congealing of a once-attained situation.
The Jew emerges as a codependent "expert" on and potential healer of WASP trauma: the cool surface congealing, like a photo, over the shock data of tawdry family histories.
HyperBaric Systems (OTCBB:HYRB), a California biomedical company, announced that it has achieved a "major technical improvement" with its patent-pending technology to preserve the shelf life of blood platelets, the congealing component of blood.
Blood platelets, the congealing component of blood, are essential for use in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments, organ transplants and major surgery.
The company is primarily focused on the preservation-extension and safety of platelets, the congealing component of blood.