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In this paper the congeneric model is conceptualized as a linear IRT model intended for (approximately) continuous responses (Ferrando, 2009; Mellenbergh, 1994; Thissen, Steinberg, Pyszcynski & Greenberg, 1983).
microtarsus on the other is not altogether unexpected given the morphological distinctness of emiliae from other congeneric species.
However, the association of spawning with the lunar cycle has been reported for congeneric species, as well as other conspecific populations.
Bossiaea ornata, also a resprouter, is less tolerant of thermal shock than is its congeneric seeder, Bossiaea aquifolium.
To perform the analysis of the congeneric measurement model of the Concertive Control Scale using LISREL 8, a polychoric correlation matrix and an asymptotic covariance matrix were first produced in PRELIS 2 as input to the LISREL 8 program.
Eurytopic host use by two congeneric species of freshwater mussel (Pelecypoda: Unionidae: Anodonta).
Unidimensionality was assessed by examining the goodness-of-fit for each factor calculated using a congeneric model in LISREL.
The new specimens can easily be compared with its congeneric reported from Balochistan (Tables I, II) viz.
We measured metabolic rates in air and water as a function of temperature for a guild of congeneric grazing limpets at Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove, CA.
Morphological differences between two congeneric species of pleuronectid flatfishes: Arrowtooth Flounder, Atheresthes stomias, and Kamchatka Flounder, A.
This project has got three invention patents including one American patent as it realized cleaner production among the congeneric products.