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Tonight: Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, Channel 5, 6.
Jin Ye has been awarded a cash prize of $1,000 ([pounds sterling]625) and a gift from Miss Universe pageant sponsor, Diamond Nexus for winning the Miss Congeniality Universe 2013 Award.
FITTING: Natalie with Pronuptia owner Lesley Griggs (left) BEAUTY: Miss Congeniality Natalie Mitchell of Newsome AC040809Bnata-18.
With my fascinator firmly fixed onto my curls, I headed to the registration counter to test the Miss Congeniality theory, and filled in a form with my phone number and age.
One of the endearing parts is naming Miss Congeniality.
Paradise Alley," "Frances," "Ghostbusters," "Legal Eagles," "Say Anything," "Radio Flyer," "Multiplicity," "My Best Friend's Wedding," "Little Nikita," "Jack Frost" and "Miss Congeniality.
While congeniality may have its uses, there's a difference between recognizing that it can help the Court to sail smoothly through its tasks, and suggesting that it should become the Court's defining characteristic.
Board member Bonnie Calhoun Williams, aka "Miss Congeniality," makes a point regional conferences.
In this year's race-and-class drama, Crash, the maid character was browbeaten by a neurotic housewife played by Sandra Bullock, only to dutifully comfort her after the erstwhile Miss Congeniality fell down a flight of stairs.
It's the first marriage for Miss Congeniality star Bullock, who had previously been engaged to actor Tate Donovan.
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (Cert 12, 110 min, Warner Home Video, Comedy/Thriller, also available to buy DVD pounds 17.