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Speakers told of a by-gone era of practicing law, when there was a more relaxed atmosphere in the courtroom, Boston lawyers were not treated congenially by Fitchburg judges, and there was a camaraderie among local lawyers, who would go from arguing in the courtroom to the Oak Hill Country Club for a drink.
This is the entry point for faith and hope to meet and find that, congenially, they can bring about an almost miraculous transformation in a person's life.
After several changes in plan a group effort will shape up congenially.
The book, although certainly in a congenially viable form as it is, could easily have been longer and more complete.
Though some critics noted that you can make a film only so many times, it is hard to deny that in its personable characters (notably the congenially bilingual actor Khalid Abdalla) and production values -- the deployment of sound design, editing and the like -- "The Square" is an unrivaled effort to set a mutable story within a single frame.
In those instances, the greater diversity of media organisational contexts is likely to provide a range of media environments in which some organisations are more congenially suited to the personal profile of individual media workers.
16) As far as Wakefield's wife's (any man's" wife's) agenda is concerned, it is actually congenially functional that instead of urban attractions, addictions and possible dissolute carnivalesque pleasures there should obtain a sense of undifferentiated ennui and stultification.
Casting Marlene Dietrich, the Weimar Republic femme fatale, in the role of the seductress who emasculates an American officer overseas, Billy Wilder congenially blurs the strict boundaries between good American and evil Germans.
Valladares's vision drew criticism, however, and in preparation for Salvador's quadricentennial in 1949, the museum was reorganized to present a more congenially elitist interpretation of Bahian history.
In the end, however, we see the couple congenially connected in Urn Mohammed's home where family members and their guests express their joie de vivre via lively vocal trills and traditionally alluring and liberating belly dancing.
Imagine a modern president meeting congenially with a homegrown revolutionary.