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A case report of spontaneous opening of congenially fused labia in a female common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) followed by pregnancy and birth of twins.
Instead we have Tommy Lee Jones at his most cartoonishly grumpy as the unscrupulous CIA villain -- "Let's give it a shot," he says congenially when Heather has an idea, every muscle in his hangdog face screaming that the last thing he wants to do is give it a shot -- and Vincent Cassel as a ruthless assassin who belongs in a lesser movie.
"I guess my business when I first started off sort of went like The Rockford Files--I'd have clients who didn't pay me," he says congenially.
If it were possible to meet them not as masters or mistresses or customers with a counter between us, but over a washtub or in the parlour casually and congenially as fellow-being with the same wishes and ends in view, a great liberation would follow, and perhaps friendship and sympathy would supervene.
When Paul sees all the statues of the gods in Athens, he is appalled; but in his sermon on the Areopagus, he swallows his indignation and congenially suggests that his audience already had a glimmering of the God he is preaching to them: After praising the Athenians for being so "religious," he says, "I found also an altar with this inscription,' To an unknown god.' What therefore you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you' "(Acts 17.23).
In these pages, Prometheus is a superhero, muses on the role of father figures, is transposed into the domestic (and mortal) sphere, and converses congenially with the eagle; humanity writes a brief letter to Prometheus; and Rubens's entertaining bio is probably how all art history courses should be taught.
The film anticipates, even before it follows Hoimai and Nguyen to Vietnam, that they will experience their homeland as outsiders, particularly Nguyen, who remarks at one point that she "feels Vietnamese in Israel and Israeli in Vietnam." Hoimai won't reclaim his ancestral home--the functionary who took it from him at gunpoint will congenially explain to him that this act can't be undone, but, to Nguyen's dismay, he agrees to let the family live next door.
As an implicit corollary, it signifies an association which congenially escapes the ambush of marital obligations impeded by the law.
Speakers told of a by-gone era of practicing law, when there was a more relaxed atmosphere in the courtroom, Boston lawyers were not treated congenially by Fitchburg judges, and there was a camaraderie among local lawyers, who would go from arguing in the courtroom to the Oak Hill Country Club for a drink.
Yet while the subject matter is new, the book illustrates that in war, Roosevelt was congenially ruthless.
This is the entry point for faith and hope to meet and find that, congenially, they can bring about an almost miraculous transformation in a person's life.
After several changes in plan a group effort will shape up congenially. You may not be the most assertive member of a team but you will stand up for what you believe in.