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We found little evidence for an association between most of the traffic-related air pollutants and most of the congenital anomaly groups studied.
The total Wales figure is higher than the average figure used for England and Wales combined, which stands at around one in 46 babies being born with a congenital anomaly.
Some terminations may result from prenatal screening for congenital anomaly, which may potentially be more frequent in educated mothers.
Dr Iain Frame, director of research at Diabetes UK, said: "Having diabetes doesn't mean your baby will automatically develop a congenital anomaly as tight blood glucose control can greatly reduce this risk.
Splenogonadal fusion-a rare congenital anomaly demonstrated by 99Tc-sulfur colloid imaging: Case report.
Among women who had filled a prescription for an NSAID during the first trimester, the adjusted odds ratio for any congenital anomaly was 2.
Down's syndrome constitutes approximately 8% of cases of registered congenital anomaly in the European Union, with over 7,000 affected pregnancies each year in the 15 member states.
Partial tetrasomy of chromosome 22 is a rare multiple congenital anomaly syndrome that is more commonly known as cat-eye syndrome (CES).
The region is one of four areas of the country on the new Congenital Anomaly Register, with Wales, Trent and North West Thames.
A congenital anomaly may be defined in terms of physical structure as a malformation, an abnormality usually found at birth or during the first few weeks of life; or defined more widely to include functional disturbance as a defect, any irreversible condition existing in a child before birth in which there is sufficient deviation in the usual number, size, shape, location or inherent character of any part, organ or cell constituent to warrant its designation as abnormal.
The 64-year-old Dutch professor, who has operated on 20,000 children in his 30-year career, said that he also operated on a two-year-old Bahraini girl having a rare congenital anomaly.

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