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With regard to the educational approach to children who are congenitally deaf-blind, these findings may imply that educators should be more alert, for instance, to the faster tactile perception of different kinds of objects in all kinds of daily situations, such as the perception of objects of reference in communication, the perception of clothes during dressing, and the exploration of toys or other useful objects.
He and the staff he recruited had pioneered surgical procedures for congenitally deformed infants.
The neural correlates of impossible-to-embody concepts will be studied in congenitally blind (e.
Persons who are congenitally blind experience the change of angular size through touch.
Premature and congenitally ill infants are born as a result of advanced maternal age, induced fertility, labor treatments, poor prenatal care, and lifestyle preferences such as smoking, drinking, and obesity.
In 1984, Stephanie Fae Beauclair, the infant publicly known as "Baby Fae'' who had received a baboon's heart to replace her own congenitally deformed one, died at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California three weeks after the transplant.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers have discovered that activated brain regions of congenitally blind individuals and activated brain regions of sighted individuals share common regions when recognizing human hand gestures.
Manila: Philippine regional carrier Cebu Pacific on Wednesday suspended one of its officers over a recent incident where a congenitally ill 12-year-old boy was delayed at the immigration counter in Vietnam because he had a tattered passport.
The researchers have found that during processing "visual information" conveyed through SSD, congenitally blind people who learned to read by touch using the Braille script or through their ears with sensory substitution devices, used the same areas in the visual cortex as those used by sighted readers.
The next most common aortic valve to be involved by IE was a congenitally malformed bicuspid aortic valve that had functioned normally or had only mild dysfunction (2).
In what was being billed as the first such operation on an animal of its kind, surgeons fixed a congenitally displaced kneecap in its right hind leg.
Haeckel believed that infanticide for the congenitally disabled would benefit both the victim and society.

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