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Procolo wears its heart on its sleeve: hundreds of years of architecture and history, building and rebuilding going back to an 1117 earthquake, are revealed in its exterior jumble of stones, bricks and architectural elements: a congeries that creates a humbly beautiful facade, especially when raked by a slanting autumn sun.
That is the very definition of "comprehensive," and the polar opposite of the congeries of sanctions imposed on Iran.
One will surely agree that "the unity of phenomenal consciousness should define what it is like to have a set of experiences," but the very possibility of a congeries of stimuli rising to the level of an experience presupposes this very unity.
It would be lovely to imagine a pluralistic, democratic set of states in the region they could substitute for the autocratic nation-state or for a congeries of unpleasant, self-protecting, and violent militias, but that's a pipe dream right now relative to the reality on the ground," concludes Feldman.
So no real democracy could be hoped for in this land unless the stranglehold of the congeries of our oligarchs is broken on the nation's politics.
Today's administrative state is a congeries of interests, each of which has a metabolic urge to enlarge its dominion and that of the private-sector faction with which it collaborates.
They aim to answer three questions: how did protypical Mixtec culture emerge from preexisting congeries of egalitarian farming communities scattered about the three zones of the Mexteca?
To reach this, one passes through perhaps the only space in the reconfigured museum where one is reminded of the dreadful congeries of the original buildings; this somewhat formless transitional area above the entrance hall throws into relief the smoothness and functionality of the rest of the renovated complex.
Probably the army, in combination with a congeries of regime remnants, Nasserists and secular liberals, will deliver as well.
To a great extent, these lines of inquiry got bogged down into the question of historical difference, and much gay and lesbian (and queer) research in the last twenty years or so has investigated sexuality--whether homo or hetero--as an ever-changing and, perhaps, ultimately unknowable congeries of discourses and practices.
Ours is a mess, a congeries of special-interest loopholes and outdated deductions.
Was reality ultimately a congeries of static atoms or a constant condition of flux?