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In commenting on Berkeley's idealist thesis that sensible things are congeries of ideas in the mind, Reid castigates other systems of philosophy for disputing the existence of the external material world.
33) Such persons and entities are, primarily, employees, who have an interest in future employment,(34) and the congeries of interests summarized with the phrase "the community.
In the Eastern Cape Province, a painting shows a similar association of bees with the human body, but it places this association in a highly unusual congeries of motifs.
Britain had conquered and brought under one rule what was a hackneyed congeries of states and kingdoms in the geographical area that Europeans had called "India" since ancient times.
However, as can sometimes happen with a congeries of writers, there is duplication, unevenness, and confusion.
There is no complex lyric that does not contain within it a congeries of forces.
At the same time, though, Hughes' own essay pulls the poem's surplus meaning across the page, away from Steffens and into a different congeries of political critiques, shaped most importantly by racial considerations.
For by now the poem has resolved its quarell between aesthetics and purposefulness through the deep aesthetics of politics: how a grand enough image, however impractical, can make a nation, where before there was only the congeries of "motely" self-interest, judgments, ironies.
Isn\'t it that this privileged congeries jealously guards this system from being polluted by the entrance of commoners?
Instead, a congeries of disparate though united sectional cultures had flourished throughout New England, the Midwest, the South, and the West.
They were pretty much exclusively overhead still lifes, initially oddshaped congeries of candy packages, and then tondi depicting spreads of packages (candy, tobacco) and miniatures (toys, figurines, model railroad scenery)--a whole series was devoted to coded meditations on some of his favorite movies and directors.
While working to advance the cause of humanity, the former president appears to have already or soon will add another $20 million to his fortune via his association with Yucaipa Cos, a congeries of investment companies run by another dear friend, Ron Burkle.