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At that time the road was crowded, but as yet far from congested. Most of the fugitives at that hour were mounted on cycles, but there were soon motor cars, hansom cabs, and carriages hurrying along, and the dust hung in heavy clouds along the road to St.
But Jimmy, at my side, rolled his congested eyeballs, owl-wise.
In repose, his congested face had a humorously melancholy expression.
Both of them were blue-lipped and insensible, with swollen, congested faces and protruding eyes.
In a few minutes we had the house congested with dishevelled domestics, irascible doctors, and arbitrary minions of the law.
Brave soldiers leading Zionists, deserving novelists, noble ladies, congested the narrow passage and thrust distinguished elbows into ribs the world would not willingly let break, deeming themselves fortunate if they could see "just a little bit of the rail." Inaudible, but convincing, the great inventor expounded his discovery, and sent his obedient little model of the trains of the future up gradients, round curves, and across a sagging wire.
Behind the police rearguard, at a respectful distance, was an orderly but vociferous mob, several blocks in length, that congested the street from sidewalk to sidewalk.
The people on this occasion lauded the traffic police for removing encroachment from a very congest place causing problems to the commuters.
These aircraft, which can carry five to six people, fly at the same altitudes as regular commercial jets and could congest the air space near cities.
Unsurprising, London is the UK's most congested city.
Moscow most in the Outside of the capital, Leeds and Birmingham tie for most congested corridors, with drivers on both Leeds Road and the A34 spending 44 hours in traffic each last year.
r ed ers nd The most congested corridors in Wales were Lansdowne Road, Atlas Road, Wellington Street and Castle Street, where drivers spent an average 23 hours in traffic.