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Hybrids make sense to some drivers, especially in Los Angeles where driving conditions are about as congested as they can be,'' said Anthony Pratt, senior manager at J.
And don't forget the many feckless elected officials who have caved in to so-called ``environmental interests'' over the last 20-plus years to create legislation that has created this congested morass, as well as deleting urgently needed freeways from the originally planned system.
This makes spectrum management easier, and is especially helpful in congested environments.
the area's congested and it's going to get more congested,'' said William Fulton, a senior scholar at the University of Southern California's School of Policy, Planning and Development.
The idea is to offer business travelers an uninterrupted, efficient, safe and quick point-to-point transport service between cities where direct air connection is congested, irregular or simply does not exist at all," said Evgeny Andrachnikov, chairman of the board of AMG.
THE folks at the California High-Speed Rail Authority seem intent on building a bullet train between Northern and Southern California, despite the fact that the route isn't nearly as congested as the local freeways.
Some intersections that are now heavily congested would be improved by the traffic measures implemented for the Americana project, according to the project's environmental report.
The vehicles are ideal to serve transportation and delivery needs in congested cities without adding pollution.
Without a city permit to do so, the supermarket has used the property - which it owns - to park vehicles and store supplies, which residents say has congested their streets with trucks and devalued their homes.
NetEqualizer is a layer 7 bridge that automatically adjusts network bandwidth and provides network administrators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with a very cost-effective Quality of Service (QoS) solution for congested networks.
The plan would create the position of a deputy police chief to coordinate traffic control, and require traffic officers to work at least two days a week at congested intersections.