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But Jimmy, at my side, rolled his congested eyeballs, owl-wise.
In repose, his congested face had a humorously melancholy expression.
Both of them were blue-lipped and insensible, with swollen, congested faces and protruding eyes.
In a few minutes we had the house congested with dishevelled domestics, irascible doctors, and arbitrary minions of the law.
Brave soldiers leading Zionists, deserving novelists, noble ladies, congested the narrow passage and thrust distinguished elbows into ribs the world would not willingly let break, deeming themselves fortunate if they could see "just a little bit of the rail.
Behind the police rearguard, at a respectful distance, was an orderly but vociferous mob, several blocks in length, that congested the street from sidewalk to sidewalk.
Congested areas like Aabpara, Super Market, Rawal Road, Farooq Azam Road, Commercial Market, Bani, Raja Bazar, College Road, Bara where encroachments create problem.
MANCHESTER'S Bury New Road is the fifth most congested in the country outside London, according to a new survey.
BIRMINGHAM has two of the most congested stretches of road in the UK.
SPFL chief-executive Neil Doncaster last night hit back at Celtic skipper Scott Brown by insisting that he was powerless to help the Hoops in Europe due to a congested fixture list.
The structure of Sukk-Pull [bridge] in Shikarpur, which has the distinction of Asia's first bridge, has been undergoing lot of wear and tear for quite some time now, which is a matter of concern for the people as it is situated in a congested area near Stuart Ganj.
BJMP Director Serafin Barretto earlier said Philippine jails were the most congested in the world with those swept up in the war on drugs accounting for an overwhelming majority of the inmates.