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Some types of environmental uses may be jointly usable and not congestible in any significant way within that type.
l] and in [xi] - [epsilon] increases the possibility of local indeterminacy in models with congestible public services with a given congestion effect.
Understanding marriage as a semiotically congestible intangible cultural resource may encourage us to (1) appreciate the coherence of traditionalists' sense of injury at the cultural and symbolic level; (2) devise rhetorical and political strategies to address and defuse traditionalists' concerns; and (3) explore whether there are possible and acceptable rebuttals and compromises that might address the same-sex marriage controversy short of a costly and divisive winner-take-all struggle.
For example, a semi-public input is an input, which is specified as being non-rival between industries but congestible and therefore rival within an industry [Tawada, 1980, p.
Substantially similar results to those shown can obtained for a heterogeneous population with the government providing a congestible public good or a purely private good.
In the advertising efficiency context, if print spending, for instance, is found to be congestible for a particular advertiser, a reduction of the congestible amount of the print expenses could bring in more sales and/or operating income.
Another distinction is between pure and congestible public goods.
is independent of the number of households; for congestible natural resource services, [R.
Indeed, because of the tremendously wide range of usage rates, the problem is more serious for data networks than for many other congestible resources.