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The congestion charge in London has been used to raise the standards of London's bus and tube system, funding new trains, buses and extensions to services.
ALMOST AS soon as he dreamed up a pricing scheme to manage the congestion on his city's streets, London Mayor Ken Livingstone began urging others to follow his lead.
BEATING THE CONGESTION: A commuter on the Yamaha YN50 Neo (left) and (right) scooters are now seen as the perfect way of beating the congestion and the associated congestion charges that are being put in place in cities across the UK.
People see congestion charging has merit but now is not the time.
But to the extent that accidents and congestion are externalities, they are externalities of driving, not of gasoline use, because cars can run on other fuels.
For hundreds of years, the leaf and flower of boneset were widely used in the treatment of influenza, to reduce fevers, relieve the body pains that accompany high fever, break up lung congestion, and soothe spasmodic coughing.
Smaller RTTs grow their congestion windows more quickly because the growth rate is tied to the RTT.
The Examples Database on page 6 offers a number of different ideas to relieve traffic congestion in cities and towns, from developing a telecommuting plan to finding alternative power sources to make sure traffic lights don't go out.
said traffic levels in central London have fallen, with 50,000 fewer cars per day driven in the congestion zone, while traffic levels in the rest of the country have risen.
Professor David Begg was in the Welsh capital to give evidence to the Council's Environmental Scrutiny Committee on possible ways to cut traffic congestion.
Congestion pricing can potentially reduce congestion by providing incentives for drivers to shift trips to off-peak periods, use less congested routes, or use alternative modes, thereby spreading out demand for available transportation infrastructure.