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See the head words for "traduce" in Thomas Cooper, Thesaurus Linguae Romanae & Britannicae Tarn Accurate Congestus .
Thailand: Muasya 1375 (K) Cyperus congestus Vahl Australia: Coveny et al.
The cloud types shown on the stamp pane are: Cirrus radiatus, Cirrostratus fibratus, Cirrocumulus undulatus, Cumulonimbus mammatus, Cumulonimbus incus, Altocumulus stratiformis, Altostratus translucidus, Altocumulus undulatus, Altocumulus castellanus, Altocumulus lenticularis, Stratocumulus undulatus, Stratus opacus, Cumulus humilis, Cumulus congestus and Cumulonimbus with tornado (see information sheet that follows this release).
Cumulonimbus incus, or thunderstorm clouds, form when rapid updrafts within cumulus congestus clouds rise into the upper atmosphere and spread out into mushroom-shaped anvils.
For rock gardens, choose Cotoneaster congestus, one of the smallest, reaching only 7cm in height, spreading 90cm, and carrying brilliant autumn berries.
congestus is even smaller: growing to about 3 feet, it can be potted up and trained against a wooden lattice to make a tabletop espalier for a patio.
Scirpus (=Schoenoplectus) validus Vahl, Schultze-Motel (1959) Cyperus congestus Vahl.
When dry, heated ground air rises and meets moist tropical air, the moisture condenses into cloud droplets, which eventually form a cumulus congestus cloud with billowy cauliflower shape.
Keen, Golden, CO Stratus opacus, (C)1987 Stanley David Gedzelman, Upper Saddle River, NJ Cumulus humilis, John Day, Oregon Nature Photographer, McMinnville, OR Cumulus congestus, (C)2000 Arjen & Jerrine Verkaik/SKYART, Elmwood, Ontario, Canada Cumulonimbus with tornado, (C)Edi Ann Otto, Osnabrock, ND Engraver: Keating Gravure Modeler: Avery Dennison, SPD Manufacturing Process: Gravure Printer: Avery Dennison (AVR) Printed at: AVR, Clinton, SC Press Type: Dia Nippon Kiko (DNK) Stamps per Pane: 15 Print Quantity: 125,040,000 stamps Paper Type: Nonphosphored type III Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive Processed at: AVR, Clinton, SC Colors: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, PMS 322 (Green) PMS 295 (Blue) Stamp Orientation: Horizontal Image Area (w x h): 1.