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1) Low-level clouds (LLCs): Describe the atmospheric dynamics, thermodynamics, radiation, composition, and LLC properties inland along the monsoon flow and document the diurnal cycle of all these variables, as they evolved from stratus to stratocumulus to cumulus or cumulus congestus.
The people who concern themselves with such things divide them into humilis, mediocris, and congestus formations--these are known as "species" of Cumulus.
1985): Senecionetum congesti (Senecio congestus = Tephroseris palustris)
See the head words for "traduce" in Thomas Cooper, Thesaurus Linguae Romanae & Britannicae Tarn Accurate Congestus .
Cu) Cumulus--cumulos--: con una alta humedad y fuertes corrientes ascendentes, los cumulos adquieren gran tamano, se tornan grisaceos y originan tormentas y aguaceros; entonces se les denomina Cumulus congestus.
A preliminary examination of infrared satellite images for the period showed a short east-to-west band of cumulus congestus type clouds, with rain shower activity, near the area of the accident site.
Exposed mineral substrate, exposed peat, and Senecio congestus were more prevalent in areas with a 10-year or longer history of goose nesting than in areas with less than 10 years of nesting.
For rock gardens, choose Cotoneaster congestus, one of the smallest, reaching only 7cm in height, spreading 90cm, and carrying brilliant autumn berries.
Then it, too, thinned to blue space, and for a while there was nothing but an occasional fair-weather cumulus, built up over a distant Pacific atoll, until we came to this rampart of heaped clouds: cumulus congestus.
congestus is even smaller: growing to about 3 feet, it can be potted up and trained against a wooden lattice to make a tabletop espalier for a patio.
Thailand: Muasya 1375 (K) Cyperus congestus Vahl Australia: Coveny et al.