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A corporation operating in several different and unrelated enterprises, such as the movie industry, baking, and oil refining.

A conglomerate merger is one that brings together two firms with totally different product lines, economic relationships, and functions. Such a merger may violate antitrust acts inasmuch as it may have an adverse effect on competition.


adjective accumulated, aggregate, amalgamated, amassed, assembled, blended, brought together, collected, collectivized, complex, composite, compound, compounded, congregate, congregated, cumulated, gathered into a round mass, glomerate, indiscriminate, inseparable, mass, mingled, miscellaneous, mixed, united, varied
See also: accumulation, agglomeration, aggregate, assemblage, coadunate, coalition, coherent, collect, collection, combine, commingle, compile, complex, composite, compound, concentrate, congregate, consolidate, corporation, corpus, crystallize, cumulation, desegregate, development, gather, join, merge, unite
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Apart from the seven conglomerates, there is a separately proposed 'mega-consortium' that also wants to rehabilitate and operate the highly congested main gateway to Metro Manila.
The bourse notification filed by DHCL read 'the Board of Directors of the Company, at its emergent meeting held on 1st February 2018 have accepted an offer received from Mega Conglomerate (Private) Limited pursuant to which it has agreed to purchase the entire shareholding of the Company in The HUB Power Company Limited ('HUBCO') at a purchase price of PKR 106.
Aside from MPIC, other conglomerates in the consortium are Alliance Global Inc.
Much the same is true for Tata, India's largest conglomerate by revenue.
On the enlargement of the field of application of the directive, and more specifically on the scope of supervision, the committee has proposed a broader definition of financial conglomerates and allowing a wider range of bodies to be included.
The survey shows Taiwan's top-100 conglomerates have been increasing investment in China while cutting the same in Taiwan over the past five years, with the top-100 conglomerates heavily relying on China as moneymaker.
In the first robustness check, I consider the possibility of a spurious relation given that both my measures of conglomerate value and capital market conditions could be non-stationary.
The conglomerate, of course, is the entity upon which our nation and our government have become increasingly dependent to underwrite that pseudo-prosperity: the Communist Chinese regime, which is rapidly acquiring the means quite literally to buy our country out from underneath us.
David Michonski, CEO Coldwell Banker Hunt & Kennedy--an independently owned and operated firm which is not part of Cendant--is among the skeptics who said the move echoes those of other large conglomerates including Sears Roebuck and Prudential.
Cendant, whose stock price never fully recovered from a 1998 accounting scandal, is the latest conglomerate to decide that its separate businesses are worth more split apart.
That appears to be what is happening now with Tyco International, whose creation of an enormous conglomerate -- driven by a pell-mell acquisition strategy during the past decade -- has been questioned by management itself.
Bank is required to submit quarterly and annual consolidated financial statements for the conglomerate and for any consolidated group within the conglomerate (considering financial companies as one group and insurance companies as another) and reports on consolidated shareholders' equity, capital requirements, consolidated limits, investments, and reinsurance operations.