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A corporation operating in several different and unrelated enterprises, such as the movie industry, baking, and oil refining.

A conglomerate merger is one that brings together two firms with totally different product lines, economic relationships, and functions. Such a merger may violate antitrust acts inasmuch as it may have an adverse effect on competition.


adjective accumulated, aggregate, amalgamated, amassed, assembled, blended, brought together, collected, collectivized, complex, composite, compound, compounded, congregate, congregated, cumulated, gathered into a round mass, glomerate, indiscriminate, inseparable, mass, mingled, miscellaneous, mixed, united, varied
See also: accumulation, agglomeration, aggregate, assemblage, coadunate, coalition, coherent, collect, collection, combine, commingle, compile, complex, composite, compound, concentrate, congregate, consolidate, corporation, corpus, crystallize, cumulation, desegregate, development, gather, join, merge, unite
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The term financial conglomerate applies to firms according to their
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is preparing a new circular that could tighten a bank's loan exposure to conglomerates, a move seen to address concerns on over-concentration that may in turn give rise to systemic risks, banking sources said.
Speaking at the auspicious occasion, Mr Tarek Hamdy, CEO, Eighteen said, "It is a moment of immense pride for us to sign this deal with an internationally-acclaimed investment conglomerate that is DMZ Holdings.
At the forum, titled "Future of Business: Next Wave of Disruptions and Opportunities," Zobel said the pace of change today is rapid, which is why companies and conglomerates must transform and invest in innovative solutions that can improve ways of doing business.
Meanwhile, an official shared that the incumbent vice chairmen and heads of LG's different units will be evaluated based on their performance and their capabilities to drive growth in the conglomerate's businesses. 
After transforming the company into a diversified conglomerate, San Miguel is now changing again.
Danang has recently witnessed the first training workshop on the Financial Conglomerates Supervision in Vietnam under the framework of Project VIE/032 Capacity Building in Finance Sector.
South Korea`s government has called for reform of the country`s family-owned conglomerates, known as chaebols.
Hong Kong [China], July 04 ( ANI ): The chairman and co-founder of Chinese conglomerate HNA Group passed away following an accidental fall in Provence, France, the company said on Wednesday.
In May, Profit in its cover story reported the deal was said to have collapsed after Dewan Mohammad Yousuf Farooqui Chairman Yousuf Dewan Companies rejected the offer of Mega Conglomerate to acquire a majority stake in Dewan Cement.
With the appointment of the Tan's eldest son as CEO, the conglomerate's patriarch will remain as Chairman of the Board.
The chairman of South Korea's LG Group, Koo Bon-moo, instrumental to transforming the country's fourth-largest conglomerate into a global brand, passed away on Sunday after a year-long battle with brain disease.