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A corporation operating in several different and unrelated enterprises, such as the movie industry, baking, and oil refining.

A conglomerate merger is one that brings together two firms with totally different product lines, economic relationships, and functions. Such a merger may violate antitrust acts inasmuch as it may have an adverse effect on competition.


adjective accumulated, aggregate, amalgamated, amassed, assembled, blended, brought together, collected, collectivized, complex, composite, compound, compounded, congregate, congregated, cumulated, gathered into a round mass, glomerate, indiscriminate, inseparable, mass, mingled, miscellaneous, mixed, united, varied
See also: accumulation, agglomeration, aggregate, assemblage, coadunate, coalition, coherent, collect, collection, combine, commingle, compile, complex, composite, compound, concentrate, congregate, consolidate, corporation, corpus, crystallize, cumulation, desegregate, development, gather, join, merge, unite
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Predictions that conglomerates would wither have always been mistaken, he argues.
Global Banking News-June 26, 2015--Indonesian central bank to issue rules to manage risks at financial conglomerates
The Joint Forum has today released its report on supervisory colleges for financial conglomerates.
Financial conglomerates have been common in Europe, but the recent developments have eroded the separation of commercial and investment banking elsewhere.
It is the report that investigators working on behalf of the creditors of the Saudi conglomerates Saad and Ahmad Hamad Algosaibi & Brothers (AHAB) had been trying to get their hands on for months.
Two oil conglomerates won two licenses over the Majnoon oilfield, which would produce 1.
Chang said none of the top-100 conglomerates in Taiwan has been toppled by the global meltdown, indicative of their strong fundamentals.
ITC is one of the most important conglomerates in India.
I find that when external capital is more costly at the aggregate level the value of conglomerates increases relative to focused firms.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- The popular belief that conglomerates would generate higher shareholder returns if they focused on fewer business is not only empirically unfounded, it is also potentially counterproductive, according to a new study by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published today.
David Michonski, CEO Coldwell Banker Hunt & Kennedy--an independently owned and operated firm which is not part of Cendant--is among the skeptics who said the move echoes those of other large conglomerates including Sears Roebuck and Prudential.
and European financial conglomerates, Japanese megabanks and some manufacturers have established similar groups.