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This is suggested by tens of metres-thick, unconformable conglomeratic levels evidencing unconformities that are located at the base of the sparsely distributed remains of Carboniferous, Permian and Triassic successions that are well-dated (Cassinis et al.
The ophiolite is overlain by a conglomeratic interval assigned to the Maastrichtian Qahlah Formation which comprises well rounded ophiolite pebbles and is interpreted as a beach deposit although with fluviatile basal sediments (Fig.
A further implication is that interpretations of pulses of deformation, based on unconformities beneath conglomeratic facies [8], need to be treated with caution.
Additionally, there are several zones where sands, conglomeratic sands, and coals appear to be inter-bedded.
The Botucatu Formation occurs over the previous one and includes red and quartz sandstone, fine to very fine until conglomeratic, very resistant to erosion, and displaying medium to large slotted cross bedding.
The Bloomsburg Red Beds (Silurian: Ludlow) are approximately 460 meters thick, and consist of red, green, and gray siltstones, shales, sandstones and conglomeratic sandstones in upward-fining sequences (Epstein, 2001).
This series begins with quartz conglomerate at the bottom (so called Hronov Conglomerate), which, together with the overlying conglomeratic sandstone and mudstone (Svatonovice Mb.
These reef limestones contain conglomeratic layers with serpentinitic pebbles.
The sediments of the Turtle Butte Formation were deposited in a fluvial system, specifically a meandering stream system evidenced by the conglomeratic sandstones of channel deposits and the large number of siltstone and claystone units representing floodplain deposits.
The lowermost part of the sandy ejecta includes conglomeratic sandstone interlayers with pebbles of black Dictyonema shale (kerogen-enriched argillite) and crystalline rocks (Kleesment et al.