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A corporation operating in several different and unrelated enterprises, such as the movie industry, baking, and oil refining.

A conglomerate merger is one that brings together two firms with totally different product lines, economic relationships, and functions. Such a merger may violate antitrust acts inasmuch as it may have an adverse effect on competition.


adjective accumulated, aggregate, amalgamated, amassed, assembled, blended, brought together, collected, collectivized, complex, composite, compound, compounded, congregate, congregated, cumulated, gathered into a round mass, glomerate, indiscriminate, inseparable, mass, mingled, miscellaneous, mixed, united, varied
See also: accumulation, agglomeration, aggregate, assemblage, coadunate, coalition, coherent, collect, collection, combine, commingle, compile, complex, composite, compound, concentrate, congregate, consolidate, corporation, corpus, crystallize, cumulation, desegregate, development, gather, join, merge, unite
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This zone is 95' thick and is equivalent to the untested 10,300' zone in KL # 1 well and consists of stacked, massive, conglomeritic sandstone channel sandstones.
The San Vicente vein is also hosted by Tertiary andesitic volcanics near their contact with the underlying Cretaceous conglomeritic sediments, but dipping to the northeast rather than to the southwest.
Zone 2 is approximately 70' thick and comprised of multi-storied sandstone which is partly conglomeritic with logs demonstrating porosity and permeability.