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We used least squares regression analysis to determine the relationship between number of glochidia and conglutinate volume.
The marsupium contained one conglutinate per water tube, except at the posterior and anterior ends of the gills after the last fold where water tubes were empty, regardless of mussel size.
The mean number of glochidia per conglutinate ([+ or -] 1 SE) was 519 [+ or -] 41.
The attached conglutinate tip adhered tenaciously to a pin passed under it, to the point of breaking the surface tension of the water when the pin was removed.
The membrane enclosing the conglutinate was durable, strong, and resisted handling.
On 27 May 2005 we inspected the magazine of thirteen gravid pistolgrip with full displays and observed conglutinates with mature glochidia (i.
Gravid pistolgrip held conglutinates and glochidia in their marsupia or within the magazine.
metanevra, they do produce conglutinates (Lefevre and Curtis, 1910; pets.
The glochidial conglutinates of the Arkansas fanshell, Cyprogenia aberti (Conrad).