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We used 25 rainbow darters and 25 fantail darters from the Cumberland River drainage, and 10 conglutinates from each of nine mussels for each infestation.
Forty conglutinates were removed from the Wolf River mussels (20 per mussel) and used to infest fish on the same day we infested fish with glochidia from the Clinch River for Trial 1 (18 Jan.
We used 10 conglutinates from each of nine mussels from the Clinch River to infest these species.
Developing embryos and outer conglutinates began to form by 7 Sept.
Developed conglutinates containing glochidia had eyespots anteriorly and two adhesive tails posteriorly, and resembled Simuliidae pupae (see photographs in Unio Gallery: http://unionid.
The gradual color change of the marsupium from white to dark brown paralleled the development of conglutinates and the change in their contents from masses of opaque eggs to glochidia.
Approximately 14 h following initiation of the relaxation 17 conglutinates had been discharged into the container.
The vermiform conglutinates measured approximately 5.
Approximately 160 conglutinates remained in the left gill, with about another 50, distended, apparently recently discharged oviducts in the posterior quarter.
Ortmann (1910, 1911, 1912) reported the discharge of conglutinates in Ptychobranchus through the edge of the marsupium.
Luo (1993) noted that conglutinates of Ptychobranchus subtentum (Say, 1825) from the Tennessee River drainage resembled larval aquatic insects, and that the method of release was unknown.