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But you may congratulate me now; for I find it very agreeable to HAVE a parish all to myself, with nobody to interfere with me--to thwart my plans or cripple my exertions: and besides, I have a respectable house in a rather pleasant neighbourhood, and three hundred pounds a year; and, in fact, I have nothing but solitude to complain of, and nothing but a companion to wish for.
I congratulate you, sir," said Madame de Bellegarde, with extreme solemnity.
When we saw this, there was nothing else for us to do but to rise from our chairs, shake our two predecessors warmly by the hand and congratulate them on thinking of this charming little joke, which proved that the old French sense of humor was never likely to become extinct.
Captain Granet just wanted to congratulate us all," she announced, "and to know if he could come in to tea this afternoon.
I congratulate you heartily, Duke, upon a most sensible proceeding," Mr.
I am sure I congratulate him upon his success, if he has succeeded.
Presiding Vyacheslav Volodin noted the role of women in the life of men and recalled that representatives of the weaker sex serve in the Armed Forces of Russia: "Dear, our dear women, men congratulate you on the holiday - Defender of the Fatherland Day, because without you no man is capable to perform a feat.
On his twitter account, Imran stated further said that he congratulate CJP for asking NADRA and ECP to find ways to give them their right of vote.
I congratulate you and the entire Cuban people on the national holiday - the Day of Liberation of the Republic of Cuba.
President Trump took to his Twitter handle to inform the same, saying, "Spoke to President Xi of China to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation.
By: Egypt Today CAIRO - 8 October 2017: Arab leaders were keen to congratulate Egyptians after the national football team's qualification for the World Cup finals in Russia, expected to be held in 2018.
Masum said in a press statement: "I congratulate the Iraqi people on the Olympic team win against Qatar and qualified to the Olympic Games in Brazil.