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Adhere to your own act, and congratulate yourself if you have done something strange and extravagant and broken the monotony of a decorous age.
When we saw this, there was nothing else for us to do but to rise from our chairs, shake our two predecessors warmly by the hand and congratulate them on thinking of this charming little joke, which proved that the old French sense of humor was never likely to become extinct.
I congratulate you, sir," said Madame de Bellegarde, with extreme solemnity.
But I hope you like your new parish; and that I may congratulate you on the acquisition?
I felt that I must ring you up," he declared, "to congratulate you, Miss Conyers, upon your brother's exploit.
So you've got the chance to be the first to congratulate me.
He was not waiting to see where I was going next, or what vital risks I was likely to run on the recovery of my freedom, but to congratulate me, and to give me Annabella's love.
We may congratulate each other on the chance of leaving this horrible place.
One man was present whom Rawdon did not know; another to whom he owed a little score for whist, and whom, in consequence, he did not care to meet; a third was reading the Royalist (a periodical famous for its scandal and its attachment to Church and King) Sunday paper at the table, and looking up at Crawley with some interest, said, "Crawley, I congratulate you.
She told me to congratulate you on your good taste in marrying me," Saxon laughed.
I congratulate you heartily, Duke, upon a most sensible proceeding," Mr.
I congratulate you with all my soul on this change of fortune, and on the happy future into which you are soon to carry the treasure you have been blest with here--the best of all the riches you can have elsewhere--the treasure at your side.