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Patriarch John X Yazigi apologizes that he will not receive congratulators on Easter due to the suffering our people in region, particularly in Syria, endure," The Patriarchate said in a statement, adding that the Easter will be limited to prayers.
Among the congratulators were king Abdullah Bin Abed Al Aziz, King of Morocco Mohammad the sixth, President of Egypt Hussnie Moubarak, Prince of Qatar Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa, Turkish Minister of the Exterior, Ahmad Oglu, President of Tunisia, Zein Al Aabdeen, among many other high ranking officials.
Al-Isawi assumed his post and received a number of congratulators, including State Minister Ali Mohamed Ahmed, a number of senior Iraqi officials and chieftains," said a statement released from the media office of the Iraqi cabinet and received by Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq (VOI).
First and foremost, to Rosalia Dutra, who helped immensely in compiling a list of contributors and congratulators.
In addition, the overall effect of diversity is enhanced by the congratulators being not only from Germany but from several other countries to assemble different voices and approaches.