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Since 2007, the number of kids in congregate care has dropped by 62.
The firm said: "There is no evidence to support the scurrilous suggestion that youths will congregate in the vicinity of the centre.
Sea lions take advantage of the sun to congregate near Heceta Head, north of Florence.
Scientists can also use the data to study trends in bird movement, and to identify areas where birds congregate so that an area can be modified to make it less of an attractant.
Constructing cafes and other areas in which students and faculty can congregate (and purchase more goods) is another way to turn a plain-vanilla campus bookstore into a "campus center," and thus, increase sales, says Crosson.
The annual report looks at six distinct property types: seniors apartments, congregate seniors housing without assisted living, congregate seniors housing with assisted living, free-standing assisted living, assisted living with skilled nursing or specialty care units, and continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs).
There are only two rules that are handed down from Sweden's federal government: (1) Do everything possible to keep people in their own homes; and (2) When a move to the congregate setting is necessary, make that setting as homelike as possible.
This article also provides an example of a 164-unit congregate care facility with a Northeast location.
Although fears of brainwashing, the desire for cost-cutting, and the search for campaign sound-bites are real considerations, they are still not enough to account for the depths of the general antipathy toward congregate child care.
WASHINGTON, July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Elderly Americans in need of affordable congregate housing that provides essential services such as meals and transportation will benefit from a new $100 million pilot product announced today by the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) (NYSE: FNM).
Other young drivers who park and congregate in the car parks in Casson Way have also been spoken to.
Some of the new businesses in town, Bob's Store and Mad Dog Cafe, cater to young customers, Chief McKiel said, so, to an extent, they have a right to congregate near those storefronts.