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noun aggregate, aggregation, amassment, assemblage, assembly, assembly of persons, association, audience, batch, coetus, collection, conclave, conference, congregated body, convention, conventus, convergence, convocation, crowd, forgathering, gathering, getting together, horde, ingathering, mass, mass meeting, meeting, multitude, reunion, session
See also: assemblage, assembly, band, centralization, collection, combination, committee, company, cumulation, mass, rendezvous, session

CONGREGATION. A society of a number of persons who compose an ecclesiastical body. In the ecclesiastical law this term is used to designate certain bureaux at Rome, where ecclesiastical matters are attended to. In the United States, by congregation is meant the members of a particular church, who meet in one place worship. See 2 Russ. 120.

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Each member of the congregation, the most innocent girl, and the man of hardened breast, felt as if the preacher had crept upon them, behind his awful veil, and discovered their hoarded iniquity of deed or thought.
Before the war of the Revolution, the English Church was supported in the colonies, with much interest, by some of its adherents in the mother country, and a few of the congregations were very amply endowed.
In the first place, you know, I am traveling in Europe on funds supplied by my congregation, who kindly offered me a vacation and an opportunity to enrich my mind with the treasures of nature and art in the Old World.
As the red light arose and fell, a numerous congregation alternately shone forth, then disappeared in shadow, and again grew, as it were, out of the darkness, peopling the heart of the solitary woods at once.
The square tower, beneath which she knew that at that moment the Vicar and his congregation were gathered, had a severe look in her eyes.
When I go into our little church on a Sunday, a considerable part of the inconsiderable congregation expect to see me drop, scorched and withered, on the pavement under the Dedlock displeasure.
He noticed that, whereas the Protestant church was nearly empty and the congregation had a listless air, the Jesuit on the other hand was crowded and the worshippers seemed to pray with all their hearts.
As the congregation entered they were met by mild sweet chords issuing from a harmonium, where Miss Willett, concealed from view by a baize curtain, struck emphatic chords with uncertain fingers.
But he was still left alone in it when the congregation had assembled.
She accepted my presents; she allowed all the customary preparations for a wedding to proceed to completion; she had not even mercy en ough, or shame enough, to prevent me from publicly degrading myself by waiting for her at the altar, in the presence of a large congregation.
The Holy Deacon did so, and putting the money into his pocket waited till the congregation was dismissed and said goodnight.
He had so few parishioners that it is said he used to go down to the seashore and skiff stones in order to gather a congregation.

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