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noun aggregate, aggregation, amassment, assemblage, assembly, assembly of persons, association, audience, batch, coetus, collection, conclave, conference, congregated body, convention, conventus, convergence, convocation, crowd, forgathering, gathering, getting together, horde, ingathering, mass, mass meeting, meeting, multitude, reunion, session
See also: assemblage, assembly, band, centralization, collection, combination, committee, company, cumulation, mass, rendezvous, session

CONGREGATION. A society of a number of persons who compose an ecclesiastical body. In the ecclesiastical law this term is used to designate certain bureaux at Rome, where ecclesiastical matters are attended to. In the United States, by congregation is meant the members of a particular church, who meet in one place worship. See 2 Russ. 120.

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We're a smaller congregation we used Anthony A company spokesman said: "We're much hoping to make a planning application in the next few months but we will be consulting with the local population extensively before we do that.
The main congregation was held at Eidgah Charsadda Road Peshawar.
The congregation, confident of its place and future as a united congregation, hired a Winnipeg architect to design and build a new church building.
As the congregation approached the end of their original commitment to the Book of Faith program, there was a deep-felt need to mark this occasion with an event that would help the entire congregation both celebrate and honor the commitment they had made to become more deeply engaged with the Book of Faith.
As a denomination we're beginning to understand in new ways that congregations matter and cannot be assumed.
Congregations interested in growing weekly attendance would do well to make a plan for recruiting new members, becoming multiracial and making sure serious conflict doesn't take root.
The members of the congregation may follow the recommendation of the nuncio, choose another candidate on the terna, or ask that another terna be prepared.
Also note that there is no doubt whatsoever about the validity of Masses celebrated with the authorized translation 'for all,' as determined by the Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith in 1973 (see 25 Ianuarii 1974, AAS 66 (1974), 661).
The National Church Council (NCC) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) has told its Eastern Synod that it cannot allow individual congregations to decide whether same-sex unions may be blessed in their parishes.
People of the Dream: Multiracial Congregations in the United States.
The bill for replacements came in at over $300,000, and the congregation turned to an unusual source for help: the U.

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